FinTech Apps: The New Habitude of FinTech Sector Owing to Coronavirus Lockdown!

People in every ‘nook and cranny’ of the world is practicing social distancing, quarantining, lockdowns and isolations due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus epidemic. The physical contact is being reduced to a very large extent and people are trying to connect through more digitalised mediums, except for the health workers of course! Companies are virtually connecting through video conferencing and screen sharing for propelling their projects.

The case is no different for FinTech sector- latest trends reveal that people are depending on FinTech apps a lot!Europe which is an epicentre of FinTech market has shown the use of FinTech apps to have increased by 72% per week.

There has been heavy influx of demand for digital platforms like Google hangouts, Skype, Zoom etc. as people are working remotely. Of these apps, Zoom has shown some incredible statistics in terms of demand.

The FinTech apps have been in the path of success over the last 3 years designing some box-fresh FinTech apps. The rise in the use of FinTech app is the contribution of the existing clients and the potential ones.

The world is fighting against the health crisis and economic slowdowns due to Coronavirus pandemic, amidst which happens the readjustment techniques of humans to find their way out to better tomorrow as is happening in the FinTech sector. Every sector will have their own survival techniques and FinTech has found theirs!