FinTech Women Entrepreneurs

Covid-19 Rescue Plan & FinTech Women Entrepreneurs

FinTech has been very much crushed by the Covid-19 Corona virus pandemic, but what buoyed the sector during the past few months were the FinTech apps and digitized mode of banking and Insurtech.

Women led FinTech organizations have been always in the limelight because of they have been doing well to bring about noticeable changes in FinTech. Fara Ashiru Jituboh headed Okra, Africa’s first API FinTech is one good case in point.

But how are women going to be part of the pandemic recovery plan? It is said that women haves resilience that help them in achieving goals. This resilience gives then the added edge to faces any crisis. Women are more receptive to change and are multi-skilled. Women in particular never fail to implement necessary change in work system.

UK has 50% of its population of women and this statistics is enough to show that if there is change in the sector, there definitely has roles played by women. But the fact remains that women have to work hard, quickly learn and smartly adapt to reach the same place as their men counterparts.

FinTech has been an innovative tool and recovering from the corona virus occurrences with a smart tool like this is sure to happen. FinTech companies have an assured part to play in adjusting with the futures normal, say experts in the field.